Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello everyone! I just want to start out with an introduction for myself! 4/27/10
Well, My name is Kendra, I'm 26 years old living with my family of my boyfriend of 9 years and our three children we have together. We have three small boys and life can be a very hectic:) but I love my family and wouldn't change it for anything in the world!!!!

Let me start out by introducng my children since this blog is about my life raising them with my thoughts and feelings and a little peek into our days! My oldest son is Kaden who is 6 years old and he thinks he is a "grown up" he tries to boss his little brothers around or at least bribe them to do what he wants them to do. exspecialy my middle son Gage who is who I call my "ADHD" kid although this disease is serious and nothing to joke about and i am in no way making any pun about ADHD I just simply have to joke about my son because he is one wild and crazy boy! I also call him my "devil child" because he is in my words once again a BAD ASS BOY! anyways you will see what I'm talking about eventually:) them comes my youngest boy Sabastian my "LITTLE BABY" LOL! he is my terrible 2 year old:) A.K.A: Moo-Moo! I gave him his nick name at the hospital when he was born because he was quite a large baby being born at a whopping 10lb-3oz"s!!!!! He was basically a freak show at the hospital after he was born I would have all these nurses knocking at my door asking to see him because they heard he was born as big as a 2 month old LMAO!!! well there goes patient privacy rights thrown out the window LOL anyways he is a sweety my little munchkin who I probably baby a little too much that goes for all three of my boys which is probably why they are such bad ass's:) but the way I look at it is they are my babies and I will love them as much as I can even though sometimes they don't listen-well all the time but still people say i spoil them but i don't think so-I'm working at it everyday cause these little buggers don't come with instruction guides!!! well welcome to my blog and I hope y'all enjoy Reading and staying tuned into "MY LIFE"

Today I'm gonna try to get somethings that have been needing to get done for awhile finished. Like try but probably wont happen since moo-moo has a doctors appointment this afternoon for his 2 year check up-which was supposed to be last week but his doctor had something going on and wasn't in the office so it was rescheduled to today-which goes along with all the things i need to get done to make it there-like give Gage and Sabastian there baths as well as myself a shower before we go. Then pick Kaden up from school since I wont be home in time for him to get off the bus. all to make it there in time:) but before hand I'm gonna try to get at least another load of laundry done as well as fold and put away the towels Wayne (my honey) washed the other day. I must say he doesn't do much as far as housework but what little surprises he shoots at me doing "something" I will be grateful for!!! then I will try to get a little bit more done with my bedroom as far as the spring cleaning thing goes which was supposed to be done as of yesterday, but like I said life gets hectic and sure doesn't go as planned when you have three very rambunchkins like I do!!!! well until tomorrow chow!!!!!